No Interest

No interest loans that are safe, affordable and with no hidden costs.

Loans are provided to people on low incomes and must be accessed through approved budgeting advice services.
The loans are provided by Nga Tangata Microfinance

What types of loans are available?

No Interest Loans (NILS)
NILS are for essential household or personal items and services up to a maximum of $1,500 per loan. For example

Essential household items like beds, furniture, whiteware

Medical items such as glasses or hearing aids

Dental services

Vehicle costs

Repairs to household items

Education, training and equipment costs, school uniforms.

Debt Relief Loans (DRLS)
DRLS are a once-only assistance for paying off debts incurring high interest/and or penalties. You can consolidate several debts if most are high interest debts. The maximum available per loan is $2,500 and the repayment period is up to 2 years.

Pathway to Qualify

Make an appointment to come and see a Financial Mentor here at BudgetFirst. The loans require you to work with a budgeting service for 2 months (NILS Loans) and 6 months (DRLS Loans) before you will be approved for the loan. Your Financial mentor will work with you to ensure you have the capacity within you budget to pay back the loan and to make sure the loan suits your situation and you meet the criteria. Final decisions on granting a loan are made by an independent community panel who will look at the loan criteria on the application form and the purpose of the loan. The panel will not know your identity, your information will be removed from the application before it’s given to the panel.

How to Apply

Discuss your needs with your Financial Mentor. They will work with you to make sure you are eligible for the loan either now, in the near future or further down the track. They will help you complete the application.

How do I Pay it Back?

The loan needs to be repaid within 2 years. The repayment amounts are worked out together with your Financial Mentor, making sure it is an amount you can afford to pay.

Wherever possible, payments are made by Work & Income redirection, wage deduction or automatic payment.

As you pay off your loan the money goes back into the fund and is used to make loans to other people. The loans work by trust, which his why Nga Tangata Microfinance needs to be careful about who gets a loan and why it is so important that the loan is repaid.

For more information talk to your Financial Mentor or visit